The aim of this research proposal is to determine the biodiversity of Arthropods  population. Arthropods known as organism which their lives could become an environmental indicators that supports other living creatures in the reclaimed area. Bio indicators can be organisms or biological responses which presence is a marker of environmental conditions. Arthropods is one of the bio indicators that live in the soil, sandy or sediment of the waters. They has different responses to pollutants entering their area. Gaskell Sand Quarry is the right area for the research site because it has a sandy area so that it can be used as a sampling object to find out the biodiversity of Arthropods and  its distribution pattern. In conclusion we can finally understand the environmental factors that need to be improve in order to support lives in the quarry, and also to enhance the environmental status through a  good water and soil restoration .

First Meeting With Our Lecturer From Universitas Airlangga

Today we gather to have an annual meeting to discuss our preparation and Departure plans to the Gaskell Sand Quarry- Perth. We are pleased to introduced our Lecturer Dr. Sucipto Haryanto, who has giving us a new ways of perspective to breaking the barrier of our research point. Dr. Sucipto Haryanto is a lecturer from Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia .He has an excellent majors throughout Ecological subject and many of his research of Ecology has been published.

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