The progress from our project - Our research will be conduct in 22 April until 25 April, located in the Gaskell Sand Quarry. We will use a random plot to be our sampling area includes 10 plots per sampling location mark in our maps. There will be three major sampling site inside the quarry, for 3 days of sampling we will collect 30 data from each of different areas to find its Arthropods species and also population. Before we begin sampling, we will measure the pH level, soil substrate, vegetation, water sources, and humidity. All the data that we collect will be analysis in the HeidelbergCement Laboratory.
We also mapping our sampling site using google earth for the determination of its altitude and soil structure. Images are attached in this project update due to the visibility from our research progress, and we are currently hoping that we can help to make a better quarry environment condition in all over the world with our ideas and to maintain its biodiversity.

- Nature is the biggest winner
Quarry Life Award 4th Edition 2018