Since the arrival of the dingo in Australia 4000 years ago, wild dogs have been a part of the Australian landscape. Although generally attributed to having a negative impact on native ecosystems through predation, wild dogs can have a positive impact by reducing the number of feral species, which may compete with native species for the same resources.

Wild dogs have been sited at the Kables sands quarry but little is known about them and/or any role they may play in the adjacent environment. Quarries may act to attract wild dogs to a region by providing an open clear space, facilitating predation. Thus quarries indirectly through the actions of wild dogs may facilitate native biodiversity in adjacent habitats by reducing the number of feral species or conversely, contribute to its decline by consuming native fauna. This project will seek to quantify the number of dogs visiting the quarry and elucidate their role in the local landscape – pests or biodiversity facilitators.  

Perfect Timing

We caught a very wet Kangaroo mid hop!

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Wild dog behaviour

Ever since Dingos arrived in Australia approximately 4000 years ago they have preyed upon Kangaroo populations. Today, this behaviour still persists.

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On the prowl

Our dogs are not alone.

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Another quarry dog

We captured a new dog on our cameras this round.

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So many tracks!

A wallaby, fox and rabbit.

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Wild Dog

This wild dog is sniffing an area where a fox was stalking its prey the previous night.

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Our National Icon!

See our most famous animal in its natural environment!

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Perfect Prints

I could not have asked for better tracks.

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Camera Sensitivity

This photo demonstrates how sensitive our cameras are, this is a bird drinking in a small body of water at the quarry. The movement of this bird set off the camera. We are confident that if there is a dog near our camera, we will capture it.

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Introducing our first quarry dog.

Our secret eyes are working!

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We know we are on the right path, lets see what we find.

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Our Secret Eye!

We may not be there, but we are watching!

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Sunrise at the Quarry

Its very quiet and very beautiful!

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Orientation Day!

What an amazing site!

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