Inventorying, distribution, diversity, ecology and importance of the plant communities and natural habitats in the Bicaz Chei Quarry and neighbouring territories.

Inventorying and sudy of the rare, vulnerable, endangered, endemic species for each type of natural habitat in the mining area and neighbouring territories.

Complex study of the 91Q0, 7220* habitats and Leucobryo - Pinetum Matuszkiewicz 1962, Cratoneuretum filicino-commutati (Kuhn 1937) Oberd. 1977 plant comunities in this area.

Ecological study (contiguity, diversity index, ecotones, fragments, conectance, aggregation etc.) and statistical analysis using the methods UPGMA and WPGMA – SYN-TAX 2000) of the plant community of the mining area landscape and neighboring territories.

Description of the current status of the conservation of species and habitats in which develop.

This involves evaluating the current status of forest stands, grasslands and rocks vegetation.

Identifying and assessment of the anthropic impact in the Bicaz Chei Quarry.

Finding solutions for the restoration of habitats by maintaining structural diversity.